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London: May 2

August 11, 2016

Workshop at The Iyengar Yoga Studio, East Finchley.


Uttitha Hasta Padangustasana 1 on The Ropes. We help her roll her outer thigh down while moving her standing leg thigh back to the wall. She presses her standing leg foot down, and raises her spine and chest.


Uttitha Trikonasana on the ropes. Anchoring your back foot to the wall, and holding the rope will help give you the momentum needed to extend your torso away from the wall.


Ardha Chandrasana on the ropes. Turn your head back, move your dorsal spine and tailbone forward.


Rope Sirsasana. Secure the upper arm bones into the sockets — overlap the triceps onto the deltoids, and the deltoids onto the shoulder-blades.


Rope Urdhva Mukha Svanasana. Similarly, maintain the connection of your upper arms and shoulders.


Viparita Dandasana. Firm your shoulder-blades onto your upper back ribs. Walk your hands along the belt toward the wall.


I always enjoy teaching for Patsy Sparksman at her studio in East Finchley, London,

© 2016 Bobby Clennell.

Spring 2012

May 12, 2012

In early March I taught a Workshop for Shaaron Honeycutt at
 Allied Yoga, in 
Charlottesville, VA. It was a joy to meet the teaching team there. Sara Pope Agelasto came and recorded the workshop for her website iHanuman. These recordings will be available for download soon. I am currently making drawings of the poses I taught that weekend. Practicing along with the sound is made so much easier when you have some visuals to refer to. When you download any of these classes you will be able to print out a copy of my drawings. Recordings from a workshop I taught for Studio Bamboo in Virginia Beach are still available from iHanuman.

Lifting through the groins: preparing for pinchamyorasana.

Lifting through the groins with the feet raised: adho mukha svanasana.

Marichyasana III.

Virabhadrasana I.

Signing a copy of “The Women’s Yoga Book”.

Here are some pictures from my spring 2012 teaching tour.

The first workshop was in Edinburgh, Scotland where I taught for Yoga Stable. I enjoyed being with my host, Annamaria Sacco and happy to re-connect with senior teacher, Elaine Pigeon who also helped organize part of the event. I am really looking forward to teaching in Edinburgh in the spring 2013.

Urdhva baddangullyasana in utitha padangustasana

Urdhva baddangully asana in utitha padangustasana.

Urdhva hasta padasana.

Parvritta trikonasana.

Sarva, High Wycombe, pehaps the largest Iyengar yoga studio in the UK was my next port of call. It is a beautiful space. Sheila Haswell, the daughter of my fellow teacher Lillian Biggs, who passed away recently, was my host. Along with her friend and mine, senior teacher, Jean Maslen, Lillian was responsible for establishing the strong Iyengar yoga community in Manchester.

Next was a return trip to Dublin, one of my most favorite places. Eileen Cameron presided over the event with charm, humor and calm guiding. I am invited to teach at the Dublin Iyengar Yoga Institute again in the spring 2013.

Ekapada adho mukha svanasana.

Ekapada adho mukha svanasana.


Urdhva dhanurasana.


In Denmark I asked my host, Kirsten Dalsgaard, of Studie Yoga, to model for the drawings that will accompany the iHanuman, Allied Yoga sound recordings. Here is one of those photos. Stayed tuned, I am about to get started on these drawings any minute now!


The studio was situated in Allerod, a “township” about half an hours drive from Copenhagen. Bike lanes are tunneled into the landscape, so that the local children are never at risk from traffic.

Bike lane.

Supta baddhakonasana/paryankasana.

Preparing for urdhva dhanurasana.

Next, a trip up to London, the city of my birth. On a beautiful sunny day I taught a workshop at The Iyengar Yoga Studio, East Finchley. Mostly teachers attended. The room holds twenty, but somehow twenty-four showed up. Twenty-four Iyengar yoga teachers however, know how to take care of themselves in a tight space, stay out of trouble and still enjoy the class!

Patsy Sparksman had this beautiful Patanjali made in Pune especially for her studio.

One of a kind statue of Patanjali.

Last but not least, I made a return trip to the pine forests of Northern Sweden to teach for Kristina Berglund at Iyengar Yogaskolan, Pitea. I was so happy to reconnect with the students I met and taught last year. Stay tuned for photos.

© 2012 Bobby Clennell.