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Notes from Pune: Yogadandasana. February 2019

July 30, 2019

Yogadandasana. Drawings made from a class taught by Rajlaxmi at RIMYI, Pune.

Adho Mukha Sukhasana. Some students reached forward to the grill.

Sit in Upavista Konasana: extend your ankles toward your heels. Sit on a narrow fold blanket. Fold your legs into Baddha Konasana. Place a narrow brick between the feet.

If necessary, go to the wall and hold the ropes. Turn the brick, first onto its flat side, and then turn it to horizontal. Descend the knees.

Place your feet on top of the brick. Now place a folded mat under the brick.

Now sit on the brick. Remaining on the brick, extend your right leg out to the side. Press the Baddha Konasana knee down and turn that heel up.

Change legs. (If the brick is hard, sit on a vertical bolster). Extend both legs out and return to Upavistha Konasana.

Bend your left leg to Marichyasana position. Turn left toes back. Press arm against bent leg. Change sides. Now move back to Baddha Konasana. Now bend your left leg to Baddha Konasana, right leg to Upavista Konasana. Lift your pelvis, raise your heel and push it forward so you sit on the inner side of the big toe.

Change sides. The students are now on a four-fold sticky mat or vertical bolster or a block. Wedge a brick between heel and pubic bone.

You can come into the pose by sliding down the ropes. To bring your weight to the inner edges of the folded leg big toe, roll forward…

…and now roll forward on both legs. Rajlaxmi came right to the edge of the platform to roll forward even more. 

Place the feet on a flat block. Then turn the block onto its tall end. Press the knees down.

Paschimottanasana: if you are stiff separate your legs.

“Yogadandasana means the staff of a Yogin. In this pose, the yogi sits using one leg as a crutch under the armpit, hence the name” BKS Iyengar: Light On Yoga. Bend your right leg back into Virasana. Push your left foot back (see more complete instructions in Light on Yoga).

The pillar was used to support the lifted leg, while the students turned toward the Virasana leg.

The knee of the Baddha Konasana leg has to turn.

Change sides. Forward bends: Janu Sirsasana; Ardha Baddha Paschimottanasana;

Triang Mukha Aika Pada Paschimottanasana; Marichyasana 1.

Paschimottanasana; Malasana; Uttanasana; Adho Mukha Svanasana; Parsvottanasana; Setu Banda Sarvangasana with a Brick and Tadasana legs. Some students used bolsters for Setu Banda. Move the shoulder blades deeper inside the back. Push the shins toward the shoulders, but at the same time, walk out with your legs.


© 2019 Bobby Clennell

County Cork: April 23–24

August 4, 2016

Workshop for the Munster Iyengar Yoga Association.


Parsvottanasana: In the head-up position, pick up your front leg foot – curling your toes toward you. Pull your kneecap up to reveal and lengthen more of your shin bone. Without shrinking your shinbone, return the ball of the foot to the floor but don’t touch your toes to the floor as you do this. Extend you torso over your front leg and move your head toward your shinbone.

Possibly River Lee?

The River Lee rises in the Shehy Mountains on the western border of County Cork and flows eastwards through Cork, where it splits in two for a short distance, creating an island on which Cork’s city centre is built, and empties into the Celtic Sea at Cork Harbour.

© 2016 Bobby Clennell.

Kids Love Yoga…and so do pets!

January 23, 2014
Serafina won't even let this go at the Magritte exhibit!

Serafina Raggaza Sciorra won’t even let this go at the Magritte exhibit!

She really wanted to do fish pose but the garden was closed. She vowed to return…

She really wanted to do fish pose but the garden was closed. She vowed to return…

Serafina teaching her sister Katyana and brother Enrico.

Later, at home, Serafina teaching her sister Katyana and brother Enrico.


On Christmas morning, 2 year old Grayleigh Smith from Boston unwrapped her gift, Watch Me Do Yoga, and immediately started her yoga practice. This is Adho Mukha Virasana (Downward Facing Hero Pose).


Candice, preparing for Parsvottanasana (Extended Side-Stretch Pose), at the Parent & Kid Yoga class, the Iyengar Yoga Institute of China, Guangzhou.


Careful placement of feet as a preparation for Utthita Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose).


Anna Uribe’s little boy, Martin (at Natural Yoga in Bogota, Columbia) preparing for Virabhadrasana I (Warrior Pose I).


Seven-month-old Olivia, in Brisbane, Australia, practices an impromtu Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose). She’s the granddaughter of Narelle Carter–Quinlan, a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher. Narelle, an anatomist by accademic training, specializes in yoga for scoliosis.


“Come on! The props are out — let’s practice!” Photo of Cecil, her cat and Peaches her dog © by Judi Lanszberg Friedman.


Judi Landzberg Friedman and her dog Peaches from Bedford Corners, New York, practicing Parsva Upavistha Konasana (Seated Wide-Angle Sidebend Pose).


Jarvis Chen and a dog called Boo practicing Viparita Dandasana (Inverted Staff Pose). Jarvis is practicing a supported variation. Boo’s pose is combined with a slight twist and is independent of props.