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A Class From The Master. Pune February, 2013.

February 10, 2013

A class from the Master: Gurujii kicked off February with the second class of the month, a standing poses class.

His theme was the Karmendriyas and the Jnanendriyas.

The Karmendriya are the organs of action: hands, arms and legs. The karmendiyas also include anything catogorised as being muscular/skeletal (spine, shoulderblades, breast bone etc.) The Jnanendriyas are the organs of perception: eyes, ears, nose, tongue (the tongue is also a karmendria), and skin.

In this class, Gurujii was mostly teaching us though the arms and legs (karmendriyas) and skin (jnanendriyas).

We worked in every pose aligning bones and skin, which was usually acheived by moving them in different directions. When the karmendrias and and Jnanendrias are aligned, that’s when you are most at mentally at ease and you are in the present. When there is a drag on the skin, you are pulled into the past.

At the very start of the class, we sat in Swastikasana.  We moved the skin (an organ of perception) on the back down.

We moved the the back muscles in and up to lift the spine (an organ of action).

We moved the posterior buttock skin down and the anterior buttock skin, we moved sharply up.

This was a mentally challenging class. Most of us had just arrived from the four corners of the earth to be here this month (and of course, Gurujii was very well aware of this).  Keeping up with Gurujii’s intellect was a real adventure of awarenness. By the end of the class, he had focused our wavering attention, big time! We finally arrived. Somehow when Guruji teaches, stamina is not an issue. Your intellegence is spread throughout the entire embodyment. Without even mentioning the word, we were working with the koshas and through every layer of our being. That creaky hip of mine? Forget it, I didn’t have a creaky hip in that class. In fact, I don’t seem to have a creaky hip any more.

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