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Penang, Malaysia

March 19, 2014

Workshop at Yoga Plus


This is Valerie who flew in from Borneo for this workshop, practicing Pinchamyorasana (Forearm Balance) . Unlike Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Full-arm Balance), which requires an understanding of the bones and skeletal alignment, Pinchamyorasana requires an awareness of the muscles. Move the triceps in as close to the upper arm bone as possible and slide them up onto the deltoid muscle. “Fix” the deltoid muscle up into the shoulder girdle and beyond onto the shoulder blades. This secures the pose where the upper arm meets the back, and allows for a steady balance.


Utthita Hasta Padasana  at the wall, with the hands on the waist. Press down into the outer edges of the feet. Pull up through the inner thighs, all the way to the breast bone.


Chatush Padasana (a variation of Bridge Pose). Move the knees back toward the head. Press the heels to the floor and push the tailbone up.

Out and about in Penang

Penang 6

An old Morris Minor.

Penanag is famous for it’s vibrant street art.


Their juxtoposition of painted and sculptural elements is a lot of fun.


Jimmy Choo

All of the metalwork drawings depict historical events. Here’s where Jimmy Choo got his start!


Cannon Street.




…and mouse — very Banksy!

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