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Denmark: May 4 – 6, 2018

July 30, 2018

Workshop at Studie Yoga in Denmark. Props, and Drop-backs.

Ardha Chandrasana with Chair and Wall. Grip the standing leg buttock onto the pelvic bone and move the upper hip and elbow up and back.

Curving back over an upturned chair. Revolve the upper arm skin in, toward the head. Observe, she is not gripping that slant-board – it’s resting lightly in her open palms.

Dropping back to the wall. Move the tailbone in, raise the back ribs away from the lumbar spine and move the shoulder-blades down. You can walk down the wall, and also onto a chair. To come up, stamp down through the outer edges of the heels and feet and propell your back ribs forward and up.

For those unable to raise the shoulders or press the shoulder-blades in, or who have compromised cervical discs, Sirsasana with two poles.

Delicious Danish hors deurvers. Mine, in the small bowls at the bottom of the picture, was gluten free.

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Mexico City

January 11, 2016

Workshop at Yoga Espacio COYOACÁN.


Ardha Uttanasana with the outer wrist bones hooked over the back of a chair. Activate the knees by pulling up the quadricep muscles. Extend out through to the tips of the fingers.


Halasana with The Feet Supported. Press the outer edges of the feet against the sides of the chair as if you were trying to break the chair. Press the outer, upper arms down. Lift up through the inner groins and sit bones until the spinal column is completely absorbed into the back.

Mexico City


I loved the colors of Mexico City.

At La Casa de los Azulejos (The House of Tiles)

At La Casa de los Azulejos….

At La Casa de los Azulejos (The House of Tiles)

…..The House of Tiles.

At La Casa de los Azulejos (The House of Tiles)

More from La Casa de los Azulejos (The House of Tiles).

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo

In Frida Kahlo's house.

From Frida Kahlo’s kitchen.

By Diego Rivera.

Drawing by Diego Rivera.

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