Guadalajara, Mexico

Workshop at Practica Yoga.


This student’s shoulder blade was completely “winged” out, causing her shoulder to roll forward.


Understanding the movement of the shoulder blade is important. My adjustment is providing her an imprint so she can remember how to press the inner edge of her shoulder blade in, and move the top of her upper arm back.


Another way of working: interlace your hands and hook them over the top of the trestler.


Can you raise the front armpit chest higher than the back armpit chest — without pushing the lumbar spine forward?


Here in Halasana, the elbows need to be grounded more than they are here. If this student propped her feet on a chair or on bricks, she would be able to ground the elbows and be more stable.


Shoulder stand is one of the best poses to help maintain breast health. Here in Parsva Halasana I am asking this student to further lift up through the spine and walk her feet around even more. The combination of the inversion and the rotation stimulates the internal organs. At the same time, along with the change in blood flow, a healthy stretching occurs in the right breast — all important factors for breast health.



Wonder where this leads to?

© 2016 Bobby Clennell.

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