Fernandina Beach, Florida

Weekend workshop at Community Yoga on Amelia Island.


This is an effective way to help a student (level 2 and up) open the hip joints.


Here you see a common problem in Parsvottanasana: the front leg side trunk sinks onto the front leg.


To give the student a tactile reminder of how to level the hips bones: a rolled blanket is placed between the front leg thigh and the sinking pelvis. The hips are now parellel and the spine straight.


Parsvottanasana, touch the forhead to the shin bone. Be on the inner edge of the front foot and the outer edge of the back. Pull back through the front leg sit bone.


Eka Pada Sirsasana


In Parsvaika Pada Sirsasana keep the left and right hip bones level with each other. Bring the down leg side waist forward (to the front). Hit the inner lifted knee back.


Wide Leg Janu Sirsasana with chair.


Free Standing (away from the wall) Chair Shoulderstand. Grip the chair legs tightly. Resist the strong pull of the legs: roll the shoulders down and under – bring the front of the shoulder to the floor. To maintan the sternum bone in an upright position, firm the back ribs toward the chest.


©2015 Bobby Clennell.

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