Geneva & London; April, 2015

Book Signings

Signing books at YOGALAC in Geneva, Switzerland.



Book signing, English style, with biscuits and tea at Oakside Yoga Studios in South London.


I go back a very long way with my old friends Barbara Hicks and Dave Dayes, who run Oakside Yoga Studios in South London, UK.

Workshop at North East London Iyengar Yoga Institute, a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to assist and support the development and provision of Iyengar yoga, and to provide a focus for those studying Iyengar yoga in the local area (north and north-east London).

Getting those trapezium muscles down.


You need a long belt for this. Drop the ends of the belt over your shoulders.


Take a hold of the belt and pull the crossed ends down at the back. Anchor the diagphramatic band to the lumber: “Docking the boat”  (which means, don’t make a back bend).


Sit in Virasana. Prepare for Pariangasana over a tall block, by lifting the chest and extending the spine.


Confidently maintaining your extension, sentivily lower the spine over the block, which should be positioned on the thoracic spine, directly behind the breast bone.



Curve over the block without tipping it. Press the sit bones straight down (no tucking!). The arms can be straight or folded. Some students may feel the need to support their head.

© 2015 Bobby Clennell.

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