Clear Yoga. Sunday, January 18. 2015.

Workshop at Clear Yoga, Rhinebeck, NY. Propping your backbends.

Press your heels to the floor and curve the dorsal spine over the edge of the upturned chair seat.


Two upturned chairs are better than one.


To the same degree you are extending the arms, reach the balls of your feet to the wall.

Hold the block with the palms, not the fingers.

Hold the block with the palms, not the fingers.


Slide as far forward into the chair as you can, so that the tips of the shoulderblades are at the very edge of the chair seat.


The body itself will tell you which props to use.


Stamp the heels down and lift the back thighs. Try to straighten your legs.


Slide your arms along the sides of the top of the trestler.

© 2015 Bobby Clennell


One Response to “Clear Yoga. Sunday, January 18. 2015.”

  1. Ceci Pérez Says:

    Hola Bobby, como estas ? No escribo en Inglés , lo siento , yo te conocí en Bogotá con Anita Uribe y me gusto mucho tus clases. Quiero que me ayudes en saber cuales son las medidas standard de los bolster . Gracias por tu atención y recibe un abrazo de luz . Ceci

    Enviado desde mi iPad

    > El 28/02/2015, a las 2:26 a.m., Bobby Clennell escribió: > > >

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