Out and about in Hangzhou.


Watching a mahjong game.


Hot fruit tea. There is no such thing as cold jiuce – or even cold water – in China.



Pincha Myorasana (Elbow Balance) is all about musclular alignment, as opposed to Vrksasana (Full Arm Balance), which has more to do with skeletal alignment. Pull the triceps onto the upper arm bone, and slide it up onto the deltoid. ‘Fix’ the deltoid muscle up onto the shoulder blade. Hold those muscles firm and you have your balance.


In order to keep the pelvic organs healthy, learn how to avoid compression and  maintain extension throughout the front of the pelvic area.


Elongating the abdomen before twisting in Parsva Swastikasana.


Practice the “L” shaped poses to create space thoughout the pelvic organs. This pose, in combination with other poses, helps reduce excessivly heavy menstryal bleeding.


Sarvangasana. Start in Halasana. Press the outer edges of the feet into the sides of the chair, as if you were trying to break the chair apart. Absorb your spine into your back. Open up the backs of the knees to the ceiling.


This prop, which is two covered foams, zippered together, are unique to China. Press the outer edges of the shoulder blades foreward into the chest.


Sarvangasana. Role the outer, upper arms down. Don’t let the weight of the back ribs drop onto the hands. The hands should press into the back ribs.

© 2015 Bobby Clennell.

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4 Responses to “Hangzhou”

  1. kristieniysa Says:

    Hi bobby, great to see the work and the fruits😉 I just saw Savasana is written and i think you mean Sarvangasana ( to the Halasana photo). Have a very good time there and hope to see you in Amsterdam one time! In other words, when you fly over Europe, you might as well let yourself fall in the Netherlands. It’s just an idea. … Friendly greetings, Kristien Van Reusel.

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

    > Op 20 jan. 2015 om 03:22 heeft Bobby Clennell het volgende geschreven: > > >

    • bobbyclennell Says:

      Hi Kristien, I thought I was going to make it to the Netherlands this year, but there just wasn’t enough time. I’m going to try for next year. Thanks for catching my typo.

  2. Leah Nichols Says:

    Wonderful photos, Bobby. Love seeing you in action. And love seeing all the students in Sarvangasana!

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