Beijing. November 8, 9 and 10. 2014.

The Summer Palace, Beijing.

I could definitely spend my Julys and Augusts here!






Workshop at FineYoga.


My translator, Ming, supported me every inch of the way!


A variation of Parighasana (Gate Pose).


Maintain the bent leg hip directly above the knee. The upper arm shoulder blade should feel sharp: pull it away from the upper-arm itself, and down away from the neck. Press the front (straight) leg buttock forward. Revolve the torso and pelvis away from the front leg.


Everyone got up into Adho Mukha Vrksasana, one way or the other.


This was a Side Stretch class, so, more Parighasana….Pull the right thigh bone deep into the hip socket. Extend both sides of the torso toward the window.



Unwinding with Parsva Uttanasana. First to the left,


and then to the right. Keep that left hip pinned well back. Move the left ear toward the outer right shinbone. I like the way this student used the chair.

© 2015 Bobby Clennell.


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