Workshop in Mexico City: June 26 – 29, 2014

I was hosted by Jnana Dakini at Yoga Espacio COYOACÁN.

Doors are a symbol of hope; opportunity; a passage from one state or world to another; an entrance to a new life. In India, divinities are carved on door jams, indicating the deity through which man enters the Supreme Presence.

Doors are a symbol of hope, and opportunity, offering us a passage from one  place or state to another – they are an entrance to a new life. In India, divinities are carved on door jambs, showing that the gods guide us through to the Supreme Presence. This elaborately tiled doorway was halfway between Yoga Espacio, the yoga school, and Frida Kahlo’s house.


Vrksasana. In this variation, the hands are turned out. Slide the heels higher and higher up the wall. Pull the elbows and forearms in toward each other and then pull the torso up off the shoulders. Align the arms with the shoulders and chest: press the elbows toward the wall. Move your shoulders away from the wall. Pull the sacrum up, away from the lumbar region. Roll your inner thighs to the wall and lift from the inner knees to the inner ankles, and the inner ankles to the inner heels.  Slide your heels further up the wall.



To come out of the pose, keep the right leg against the wall. Continue to roll your right leg inner thigh to the wall and slide it even further up the wall. As you start to drop your left leg down, lift everything else!








…and go on lifting to come down.


Parvritta Trikonasana. Turning to the left, anchor the right leg outer heel to the floor. Draw the left  inner sit-bone back away from the head. Turn from the back body: drop your left back ribs into the spine. Move your right back ribs away from the spine. Raise your left arm up from the breast-bone. Keeping your right shoulder-blade pressed forward toward your right breast, release your right arm down. Place your fingertips on the floor or a block. Extend your breast bone  forward , away from your pubic bone.


On the wall of the dining room in my hotel was this brown wooden cross, with blue plastic flowers wired on to it.

© 2014 Bobby Clennell.

2 Responses to “Workshop in Mexico City: June 26 – 29, 2014”

  1. Claus Yoga Says:

    Dear Lindsey and Bobby Clennell

    Please accept my condolences – what a loss not just to those of us fortunate enough to have been touched be his genius and shakti but also to the World of yoga and humankind.

    The press here in Denmark dont get it! I’m working on making them understand the Epic proportions of Gurujis life and work.

    Will you kindly allow me to use and send a couple of your photos to a newspaper here who has shown interest in Gurujis “story”?

    Kind regards – Venlig hilsen

    Claus Bendson Wittig

    BKS Iyengar Yoga Center Copenhagen Peblinge Dossering 6 DK-2200 København

    Sendt fra min iPhone

    > Den 07/08/2014 kl. 04.30 skrev Bobby Clennell : > > >

    • bobbyclennell Says:

      Hoi Claus, I hope you received my reply on email. I so understand your concerns about Guruji’s photos being used without permission and in non Iyengar studios. Absolutely, you may use our photos for any articles. Go to There are lots of photos taken either by Jake of Lindsey. Best wishes, Bobby

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