Workshop in Slovenia. April 25 – 27, 2014

Workshop at City Joga Center


We systematically opened the lungs, chest and breasts; over a block,


over a bench holding the metal hooks,


over a chair holding the back legs,


and with elbows entwined.


To recover from the back bends we practiced Adho Mukha Svanasana over a chair. This variation enables you to extend the entire spine, anterior and posterior, along with the chest and armpits.


Forward extention 1) Make a table with two blocks and a bolster for Janu Sirsasana at the wall.


Forward extention 2) Practicing Janu Sirsasana in such a way as to elongate the spine, abdomen, chest and breasts.


Forward bend: now you are ready to practice Janu Sirsasana without compressing the front body.


Supta Konasana in Sirsasana. Lengthan the inner thigh muscles and mobilise the hip joints.


When menstruation is completely finished it is better to practice with the feet turned forward. Raise the sacrum to the level of the pubic bone to better ‘contain’ the pelvic organs and allow the uterus to recede, rest, and heal.


Sirsasana combined with Viparita Karani. Press the forearms to the floor and the sacrum to the support.

© 2014 Bobby Clennell.

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