Nobel Prize initiative for Guruji

I received this message from IYNAUS. Let’s all work together to make this happen:

Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce that a world wide effort is underway to nominate Shri B.K.S. Iyengar for a Nobel Prize to recognize his tremendous contributions. His lifelong example of integrity, practice, teaching, and writing exemplifies a man worthy and deserving for consideration of the Noble Prize for Peace. His tireless effort to unravel the ancient Indian art of Yoga and interpret it into practical application has brought inner peace and health to humankind around the globe.

We are writing to request your help in locating potential nominators who are qualified to submit nominations to the Norwegian Nobel Committee. Individuals in the following categories are eligible:

– Members of national assemblies and governments of states
– Members of International Courts
– University Professors of social sciences, history, philosophy, law and theology
– Directors of peace research institutes and foreign policy institutes
– Persons who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
– Board members of organizations that have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
If your position qualifies you as an eligible nominator, or you have a personal relationship or connection with an eligible nominator, please contact me by replying to this email ( for details on how to submit a nomination, including sample letters and supporting documentation. The deadline is February 1, 2014.

Even if you can’t help connect us with eligible nominators, you can still help.

As part of the selection process, the Nobel Committee will conduct their own search and we would like to flood the internet with videos and examples of the powerful nature and effect of Iyengar Yoga. Currently on Youtube is a series of 9 videos entitled “Light on Iyengar Yoga Series”. You can access the videos directly on Youtube and we will be uploading links to each of these videos as well as others on the IYNAUS website. You can help by sharing these videos on your own social media pages and websites.

Thank you for your support in our effort to give credit and show our immeasurable gratitude to Guruji for the vast body of knowledge he passes on to us, his students.


Janet Lilly, Board President

IYNAUS • PO Box 538 • Seattle WA 98111 USA • 206-623-3562

One Response to “Nobel Prize initiative for Guruji”

  1. yogimarcia Says:

    Republicou isso em IYENGAR YOGA BLOG.

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