Geetaji’s Pranayama Class: Pune, February 1st.

The first class at RIMYI today was pranayama taught by Geetaji. We began by sitting. No that’s not exactly right — Gulnaz began by attempting to get us all into the asana room. She did a pretty good job. Every single prop was moved into the props room. We were mat-to-mat, and this is nothing new these days, I know, but tonight, students were almost reduced to setting up on the stairs outside.

We began in a long Swastikasana, head in Jalandara Banda, really lengthening the spine. Some of the new students were “sacrificing their nerves” as Geetaji put it, unable to sit still without shaking (they didn’t yet have the physical stamina to sit still without shaking).

Then we lay down over our bolsters. Those who didn’t get a bolster had two pranayama pillows. We practiced Ujjayii, extended inhalation,  extended exhalation, with normal breaths in between. A few of the newer students were unable to close their eyes.

We sat up on our bolster again. As we inhaled deep into the lungs, lifting the chest as we did so, we allowed the abdomen to stretch away in the opposite direction. We explored this separation of abdomen and chest, both in Ujjayi and Viloma (interrupted inhalation) pranayama. With the incoming breath we lifted and broadened the front ribs;  at the same time, the abdomen had to lengthened downward away from the bottom ribs. The shoulder blades moved down the back. The shoulders had to stay back, the head down.

We finished in Savasana over our bolsters. It was wonderful to begin the month with a pranayama class.

Photo © Jake Clennell.

Photo © Jake Clennell.

© 2013 Bobby Clennell.

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5 Responses to “Geetaji’s Pranayama Class: Pune, February 1st.”

  1. Donna Pointer Says:

    Oh, for the “good old days.” The first time I went to RIMYI there were 27 in our group. Granted, that was many, many moons ago. Thanks for the detail. I can almost imagine being there myself.

  2. Liliana basile Says:

    Thanks 4 sharing your knowledge and experiences. Many many Tks!

  3. Sandy Gorchow Says:

    This was wonderful to read. I am a new teacher training student of Gloria Goldberg’s and had just subscribed to your blog and seeing your post made me feel that I was there in Pune.

    many thanks 😀

  4. Claus Wittig Says:

    Dear Bobby

    Thanks a lot for keeping us informed. Feel like being right back again..

  5. yogimarcia Says:

    Republicou isso em IYENGAR YOGA BLOG.

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