Piteå, Sweden — April 2012

It was cold, but spring was on it’s way…

…and the snow had almost melted.

Iyengar Yogaskolan

Showing the ‘pincer action’ in Ardha Chandrasana

Combination Supta Virasana/Supta Padangustasana I

Getting to know each other over lunch.

Book signing.

“Adjust your head with your hands — from the sides, not from the back!”

© 2012 Bobby Clennell.

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4 Responses to “Piteå, Sweden — April 2012”

  1. yoga acton Says:

    Hi – That yellow Iyengar yoga school building looks incredible. Is that kind of design quite common in Sweden?

  2. Suza Francina Says:

    Thank you, Bobby! There’s enough education and inspiration here for five lifetimes. I’m your grateful, long distance, virtual student.
    With love,

  3. bobbyclennell Says:

    It means a lot to me to know that my blogs are appreciated. I’ts especially good to know that you are inspired by the photos because many hours goes into the selection and editing. Good going Suza!

  4. Clark Hallgren Says:

    My dad was from piteo, and we were there in 1962. I guess it has grown, as I remember a very rural place. We had a nice summer there. Clark Hallgren.

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