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kids love yoga, encore

November 13, 2011

Keep sending your pictures in! Here are the latest collection of kids who were inspired by my book Watch Me Do Yoga.

Yoga Baby Reunion Party at Evergreen Yoga

Yoga Baby Reunion Party at Evergreen Yoga


Amalia hard at work.

Amalia twist.

Amalia gets the feel of it.

Parisienne Yogini: upward facing dog pose.

Parisienne Yogini: urdhva hastasana from tadasana

Om from Israel.

© 2012 Bobby Clennell.

Fourth Yoga Rahasya cover

November 9, 2011

Here’s a sneak preview of the last of the four Yoga Rahasya covers that I designed this year. I painted it many years ago as background material for my animated short Yoga Yantra. As it turned out, I did not take Yoga Yantra to complete color production, so this painting was never used. I’m happy now that it’s found a good home.

I took this photo, used on the back cover of Yoga Rahasya, in my garden in New York.

Painting and photo © 2011 Bobby Clennell