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Southeast Asia Workshops

July 24, 2011

Raffles Hotel

Many thanks to Sandrine Laborde for hosting me, and to the students who made me feel so welcome at Iyengar Yoga Singapore in June. Teaching this three- day workshop gave me a window into the harmonious and multi cultural society of Singapore, which is made up of equal parts Chinese, Indian and Malayan ethnicities. I taught a mix of women’s yoga and general classes. Wherever you are in the world, if you are an Iyengar yoga studio, there is a common language and shared aspirations. But despite the familiar environment (similar props, ropes, the Patanjali chant) the students here were particularly warm and receptive making this a unique and special experience for me.

Sandrine’s studio overlooks the Singapore River

Third from left in back row, Sandrine Loborde.

Teaching for Yoga At ZEA my hosts, Edison Tan Choon Tian, Anita Frisk and Zoe Kok took me to their city Kuala Lumpur, and took me to their hearts. The workshop was well attended, at times we had over 45 students in a class. Four of the students on this workshop flew in from Australia, and two more from Taiwan. I think these pictures speak for themselves. The students were irrepressible and fun bubbled over continually during the classes. They were a joy to teach; equal parts intense focus and laughter, the students were hungry for knowledge and paid strict attention, but the atmosphere was also upbeat.

Pre-Natal Yoga.

Many books were signed…

Front row, Edison Tan Choon Tian, Zoe Kok, and Anita Frisk, founding members of Yoga at ZEA

Anita Frisk, Edison Tan Choon Tian, Bobby Clennell, and Zoe Kok

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