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Snow on Snow

February 8, 2011

To quote Jennilyn Carson of “ Winter is so serious about winter this year”. New York, and it would seem much of the rest of the US has surrendered to the fact that this is a very harsh winter indeed. Just as the city clears up from the last snow-storm, another one hits.

Lindsey and I narrowly missed the first storm; we flew to Florida on the evening of December 25th. I taught two classes at the Yoga Sanctuary Punta Gorda: an inversions class (my favorite thing to teach) for the teachers, and a ‘holiday restorative class’. Over forty students turned up for this class, so it had to be moved to a larger space, a lovely old historical building nearby. Toward the end of the class, the students lying in their final savasana, a little mouse could be seen cavorting around the edges of the room. It wasn’t what Floridians would consider to be a warm evening and I guess the mouse had come in from the cold.

I also taught a class for my friend, Suzy Muchnik at Postures in Naples, where as always the students were strong, appreciative Iyengar Yoga practitioners.

On January 15 and 16, I travelled to Andover MA to teach a women’s workshop at EssentialYoga Studio. Roberta Macarty Dell Anno’s studio is situated in some beautiful New England countryside. Nestling in the woods, it is directly over the road from her house.  A women’s yoga group always has so much to share, we all got to know each other pretty quickly. We worked hard. We were serious and focused, but we also laughed and enjoyed each other’s company.

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