Geetaji’s class

The asana room was electric last night. We were all held on the edge of the moment with Geetaji’s powerful teaching. Among other things, we did lots of Virabhadrasana I and III. Long holdings in Vira I. We did Vira III with three arm positions: 1) Straight ahead in the classical manner (triceps drawn onto the upper arm bones). 2) Straight back. 3) Out to the sides, like an airoplane.

The variation in arm positions give those who cannot easily (such as breast cancer surivors with scar tissue that they are working on) or should not (hypertension) take their arms above the head. And for the rest of us, it’s good to work in a different way sometimes.

Sorry, I haven’t posted Prashantji’s sequence yet. I am waiting to talk to someone who observed the class and who took notes.

© 2010 Bobby Clennell.


2 Responses to “Geetaji’s class”

  1. essentialyogastudio Says:

    I am hoping that Geeta does not retire until after I attend the Institute. I know it’s something she has been considering. I have her teacher-convention DVDs and it would be wonderful to actually be in a class with her.

    I tried to get permission to attend the Oregon convention, but because I am not certified in the Iyengar method, I cannot attend. I even offered lots of volunteering, cleaning, prop set-up and removal, registering, etc. but Peentz said the rules could not be broken. It was worth a shot ;-).
    Om shanti,

  2. bobbyclennell Says:

    I can’t imagine Gitaji ever retiring for good. Maybe she will cut down on her teaching though,

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